Antiracism Livestream Fundraising Concert - Benefiting Solutions Not Punishment

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We are BACK for the third anti-racism livestream fundraiser!!

Show livestreaming from TWITCH: DONATE: (ALL funds for this event will be DOUBLED and go to Solutions Not Punishment)

SATURDAY, OCTOBER 10th from 3pm PDT (6pm EST) to Midnight PDT (3am EST)!

Artists across the world are coming together to perform in honor of anti-racism and black and brown lives everywhere. We ask that all attendees donate a meaningful sacrifice for you~ if that's $1, thank you. If that's $10,000, thank you.

All funds will go to Solutions Not Punishment. As written on their website, they are: "a black, trans-led, broad based collaborative to restore an Atlanta where every person has the opportunity to grow and thrive without facing unfair barriers, especially from the criminal legal system."


PLEASE INVITE YOUR FRIENDS AND FAMILY! Let's raise some money for black lives!!!

Line-up: Hannah Rooth - 3pm PT (5pm CST) (6pm EST)

Gal Musette -Grace Freeman - 3:30pm PT (5:30 CST) (6:30 EST)

Amoniaco - 4:10pm PT (6:10pm CST) (7:10pm EST)

Marty Levin - 5:10 (7:10 CST) (8:10 EST) [MIME/CLOWN/HARMONICA PLAYER]

And The Animal - 5:30pm PT (7:30pm CST) (8:30pm EST)

Carole Sconfitto - Native Flame LIVE PAINTER! - 6pm PT (8 CST) (9 EST)

CopyRyte - 6:55 PT (8:55 CST) (9:55 EST)

JXST J- 8pm PT (10pm CST) (11pm EST)

Saint - 8:40pm PT (10:40 CST) (11:40 EST)

Gregory Ackerman - 9:20 PT (11:20 CST) (12:20 EST)

Kleinahexa - 9:45 PT (11:45 CST) (12:45 EST)

Hannah Rooth - 11pm PT (1am CST) (2am EST)

ACTS WELCOME TO APPLY until October 3rd. Performers apply here:

Cover art background: Barbara Jones-Hogu