QUEER PARTY: Ryan Cassata, Hello Noon, Hannah Rooth @ Oasis House Show

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Oasis House Show

LGBTQ artists host cozy Oasis House Show for an intimate night of acoustic music and community building. This is an intimate house show with very limited seating. Grab your ticket in advance to ensure a spot and get the address! TICKETS: https://cutt.ly/queerparty Ryan Cassata is an award-winning singer-songwriter, actor, performer, published writer, LGBTQ+ activist and motivational speaker. Featured on/in GRAMMY.com, Rolling Stone, Billboard, The New York Times, Buzzfeed, AltPress, American Songwriter and The NY Daily News, Ryan has worked hard to advance his career, beginning at age 13. http://ryancassata.com Hello Noon is a Los Angeles-Based Alternative Folk-Rock band. Our mission is to spread joy. We hope to create a positive message through our energy to combat the pessimism in our media and communicate the social change we wish to see in the world. http://hellonoon.com Hannah Rooth is a revolutionary queer songstress summoning vulnerability, emotional courage, and social change. She uses "americana soul" and electric pop to tell her story in shades powerfully raw and ethereally sweet. She has been recognized in LA Times for you Antiracist Livestream Fundraising Concerts and is the host of Oasis House Show. http://hannahrooth.com Support Hannah's work and get early access to Oasis House Shows on http://Patreon.com/hannahroothmusic